• General medical care
  • Geriatric primary care
  • Palliative primary care (AAPV)
  • Traffic medical assessment
  • Drug screening as part of the medical-psychological examination (MPU)
  • Drug screening in saliva for round about 60 different substances (e.g. for forensic purposes)
  • Outpatient, medication-assisted opiate detoxification
  • Therapy of chronic hepatitis C
  • Medication-assisted treatment of opiate addiction with psychiatric reference care and psychosocial support (by Blue Cross). 

Important information:

Changes in opening hours will be published under "News".

We work without an appointment, you can come to the consultation during opening hours. If you suspect an infectious disease, please call in advance and you will receive specific instructions.

You must wait in the hallway outside the office and enter when prompted. Everyone must go to the registration desk, it is forbidden to jump the queue unless in a medical emergency, then call loudly for help or have someone call loudly for help. 

The hallway in the practice is an escape route and must be kept clear at all times.




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